"I would rather capture memories in photos than bring home t-shirt souvenirs from the experiences I have enjoyed as a Traveler & Guest in other parts of the world."

I love the split second play on light that makes me go "oooh that is what I will remember" and what I want to share...

I grew up as a Military Brat and traveled the East Coast of the US with my family moving every couple of years as my father was transferred by the Marine Corp. I think this influenced my Vagabond roots and I quickly found my way into the Private Yachting industry just after college. There I felt like I was living in a Daniel Steel novel soaking in the world from the luxury and hard work of the Yachting industry.

I most loved the quiet moments I could steal in the morning and would wander to the market taking in the "colour, feel, and essence" of a new country. I always wanted to share that moment in time and hope that I convey some of that mood thru my images.

When I play/shoot for families, portraits, and special events I try and bring that same experience and seek to capture the spirit of the moment for all to share...

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